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(G)Idle 1st mini album [I am]


“The 1st mini album I am is the first album to show the colors of'I-DLE', a team of 6 people with different charms, expressing'I' as the album name!The title song ‘LATATA’ was created by leader Soyeon while thinking about the members of one part, one part, and it is the best expression of the six strong members! Since this is an album we prepared hard, I hope you like our unique colors a lot!”



Comment by (Female) Idle


1.LATATAThe children's title song'LATATA' is a song of the Moombahton genre with a calm but passionate beat and an addictive chorus. Pluck sound and a theme sampled from the members' voices are the points of appreciation. It is a song that allows you to show the charm of each child to your heart's content. The wit that expresses the desire to dance happily to burn this night in love with an onomatopoeic word'LATATA' stands out.


2. Different (\$\$\$)This hip-hop song stands out with 808 bass, bouncing rhythm, and Jeon So-yeon's wrapping. The message "I'm different" was tactfully solved with a dollar (\$) rhyme arrangement. It is a song where you can feel the unique and attractive tones of children in each part up close.


3. MAZEThe groovy guitar riff that catches the ears, the synth pattern that modulates, and the fascinating children's voices on the trendy beat create a dreamy dance song. I am very impressed with the expression that compares the feeling of falling in love and not knowing what to do with the feeling of being trapped in a maze.


4. DON’T TEXT ME'DON'T TEXT ME' in the Chill trap genre is a song that stands out with 808 bass and Pluck sound, and expresses the feelings of sleeplessness from thoughts that emerged from a message that arrived unexpectedly to a forgotten partner in honest lyrics. You can see a more mature and grown-up figure that firmly handles both contact and emotion.


5. I want to know‘What’s in your house?’ The house rhythm, which is said to be the closest to a person’s heartbeat, was borrowed, and the song’s song “I want to know” started with a bold question added to the song's charm. In particular, Jeonju's Rhodes EP sound catches the ear at once, like a heart falling in love at first sight.


6. ListenThe lyrics that honestly convey the pain of a breakup, the lyrical piano melody and the dynamic string sound create a sad but embarrassing atmosphere. The members of the rap position are also songs that bring out vocal skills.



*Album specifications

-Alpan: 1 type

-Photocard: 1 randomly inserted out of 12

-ID photo: randomly inserted 1 out of 6

-Sticker: 1 of 6 types randomly inserted

-Logo sticker: 1 type inserted

peachkpop 음악 CD (G)I-DLE - MINI 1ST ALBUM [I am]
$14.10 USD
$14.10 USD

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